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Category Archives: U2

A brief U2 concert review from the Oct 25, 2009 Pasadena’s Rose Bowl show. It would have marked the end of my 25-year streak of never missing the biggest band in the world live on tour. Except I watched it live on YouTube. The streak continues.

I like U2. Pretty much anyone who knows me knows this. What’s especially inspiring to me is that the Irish band continues to produce great music. They prove this every few years with a new album. Then they lead their shows with the new material though they have much to offer from the past. After seeing U2 in concert pretty much every tour since 1984, it was a convenient yet bittersweet concert experience watching the show from my home computer. Wish I could have been at the Rose Bowl but knew this year’s show would, in my personal economic … uh, searching for clever way to say ‘I’m broke’ … “situation” would be considered a luxury in my household. Even for the most diehard U2 fan? Yep. However, did enjoy youtube’s watch-from-home experience, which included a beer and a ham sandwich (not provided by Google) while singing along with my 9-year-old daughter. She stayed up past her bedtime to hear her favorite song “Crazy.” Thanks Bono. I’m pretty sure you owe me but I appreciate the free one.